Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Busy Bee

So, the funeral home is quite busy this week. It's always a bit strange to me that we have busy weeks/months and slow weeks/months. I mean, really it shouldn't be, a lot of industries are that way, but something just seems off about death not being more of a constant rate. Aren't births that way? Or maybe I just don't notice the sporadicness of births because I'm not an OB/GYN. Anyway, we're busy.

Also, I've been reading a lot more lately, mostly teen science fiction. It's always been my favorite genre, and with the success of all the Twilight books the science fiction books have really taken off, a lot of which have strong female characters, which traditionally has not been the case in teen sci fi. And luckily those books are a lot of times in a series, which makes for easy what-do-I-read-next decisions.

Anyway, I will try to post more regularly now... I think I'm getting the hang of it