Monday, September 14, 2009

Three cheers for my boss

Friday morning as the hubby was dropping me off at work I noticed that the engine was overly hot, so instead of him letting me out and taking off he parked the car and opened the hood to check the coolant and stuff. The owner of my funeral home noticed and came up to the car and talked to my hubby (who was now going to be late to work, which is fine, just a pain in the ass) to see what was wrong. Within about five minutes they had decided that the car would need to go in to a shop, and my boss told my husband where to take it, and then told him that one of my coworkers would follow him to the car place, pick him up to come back to my funeral home, then let my hubby take the company Suburban to work for the day. I should mention that this Suburban is the boss’ baby, with nice chrome wheels and pretty interior, and is seldom used for work (21,000 miles on it and it’s a 2005). Anyway, the hubby says thank you and heads off to work. The owner knew I was on call that weekend, and I assured him that between my parents and sisters that I would have reliable transportation the whole weekend (and I could even drive our ’59, just not with my daughter as there are no seat belts) and he insisted on me taking the Suburban home for weekend use. He gave me a little lecture on mot parking close to other cars and not getting the tires close to curbs, and that was that. The hubby brought a nice bottle of vodka for my boss when he came to pick me up Friday after work, and my boss told me that he didn’t think we should have given him anything, saying “That’s just what you do for family. You could use a hand, and it just so happened that I could lend one.”

So, this is what I learned: My boss is awesome. Volkswagens are expensive to fix. Suburbans are crazy-big.


Ivan Toblog said...

Didja have to buy gas for the "crazy-big" Suburban?

See that's how awesome some bosses really are.

Anonymous said...

I don't think most people have a boss who is willing to do that type of stuff. He thinks of you as family, and that's a pretty amazing (and rare) thing for a boss to think.

Miss Anne said...

ok, so i just found your blog, and i've found myself slightly obsessed. (i may or may not have read your entire blog) ha!

i find the life of an embalmer absolutely fascinating... so if you dont mind, i'll live vicariously through your stories, your hilarious office banter, and situations.

:) thanks for sharing your job/life! :)

btw.. i'm a friend of TCG (The Checkout Girl) and i found your blog via hers. ;)

Miss Anne said...

btw, your boss sounds like a sweet pea. one point for the good guys!

Doll Face said...

Ivan- I didn't have to buy gas. Boss says that's a perk.

Matt- very true.

Miss Anne- Thanks for finding me interesting. Welcome!!!

Ivan Toblog said...

I am more and more impressed with the boss every time I read the blog. I particularly like the concept of having managers to handle the day to day stuff.

Doll Face said...

IT- Yeah, He's a pretty rad guy.