Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a small update

It's been a busy week, I had three services yesterday and have four today. I'm out at a cemetery right now, at a service for a young guy that was killed in an accident (motorcycle). His viewing was yesterday, he is such a handsome kid, and the family thought he looked amazing. His bone structure was fine for the most part, the only fractures I found were inside his cranium, where the occipital lobes attach to the rest of the skull, and the flesh was still intact so I wasn't required to do any wiring of the bones. His face was a bit scratched and fairly bruised, but after a while I was able to get him looking perfect. His dad even called my cell last night to tell me how beautiful his son looked and to tell me thanks, which was really nice.

Okay, I'm back in the office now. I have a memorial service starting shortly, and I'm not going to have time to blog later today, as I have a few cases that need my attention after the service, but I am on call this weekend, so there's a chance I will be blogging tomorrow.


Jenn said...

Thanks for the update. I check this blog every day and when there is something new it's like Christmas!

Doll Face said...

You're the sweetest!!

thecheckoutgirl said...

I think the young people would be tougher to work on than older people. Emotionally, I mean. But you are much more centered than I am.

Ivan Toblog said...

I think maybe TCG has something there. But then it all depends on younger and older than who. XD

Oh, and tell me this isn't weird.

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