Friday, November 5, 2010

Hey Doll Face..I have a question for you. As my roommate and I were watching Grey's Anatomy this evening, a dr. was working on an autopsy and removing what seemed to be the intestines. My roommate turns to me, knowing that I read your blog religiously,

So, that's as much of the question that it gave me... Please put the rest in the comments?

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RIC-Girl said...

I guess I typed too much! :)

My roommate turns to me, knowing that I read your blog religiously, and asked me what happens the organs they remove during the autopsy? Do they just put them back in and stitch the person up, or dispose of them? Or you stitch up the autopsy incisions? I told her I didn't know, but would pose the questions to you.

Thanks! RIC-Girl

Anonymous said...

Sweet crickets! Ya'll sure do take forever to post'n comment here

Jenn said...

Miley? Is that you??

Anyway, on Grey's it appeared that they put the organs in a red trash bag-like thing and sewed it in the body cavity. But that wouldn't work for embalming, would it? Hmmm...wish Doll would answer!

Anonymous said...

As a Embalmer as well, I will shed some light on the subject. In most cases, all organs inside the abdominal cavity are removed, inspected, and placed into a red ("biohazard") trash bag. That bag is placed back inside the body before being sent to the funeral home. The embalmers will remove the bag during the body preparation and then put it back in and sew the person back together. This way the person is "complete" for lack of better words.

There are some exceptions to the rule when the coroner or doctor might need to keep organs for long periods of time to do further research.