Monday, July 6, 2009

Famous people death game

Okay, there’s this game that I used to play with some friends. At the beginning of the year we would submit twenty dollars and a list of ten famous people that we thought would die that year to the leader of the game. Then we would wait. All year. At the end of the year we would look over our lists and add up our points. This is an example of how it would work with the points, say, if Michael Jackson was on one of the lists: Michael’s age, 50, subtracted from 100, which would give you 50 points for that person. Now, it is uncommon to get 50 points for just one person, as it isn’t as likely for someone ‘young’ to die, and therefore such people don’t tend to make the lists of our death game. Now, this would have been a good year for some youngs, had they been on people’s lists, but they are not. But it is a fun game, and I encourage you to try it, and the winner of the year gets everyone’s buy-in.


Ivan Toblog said...

I might suggest that there be a rule that the death must be from natural causes. Otherwise there might be some who might try to enhance their chances of collecting the money from the dead pool.
BTW- we used to have a similar thing with Golden Gate Bridge jumpers

mattonfire said...

I want a mid-year buy-in. This is who I've got for the remainder of 2009:

Patrick Swayze
Fred Savage
Jose Canseco
Sophia Loren
Paul Sorvino
Vince Shlomi
Steve Jobs
Paris Hilton (fingers crossed)

Doll Face said...

Matt: you need two more