Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm in the office today and decided that since its been so long since I last posted I should do that now. So, here is a list of what I did on Friday that I would bet you out there didn't:

1. Embalmed
2. Ate way too much pizza (that my boss bought us in an attempt to make us feel less shitty about having to scan all the old funeral files into the new computer)
3. Ordered fliers for a gig my husband is playing next month (ones that I designed even)
4. Injected an eyeball full of a plastic substance
5. Learned how to use a new copy machine
6. Learned how to say "I'm fine" in Armenian
7. Went out with some friends that live in Colorado now (why is it that I always expect people that have moved away will someday come "home"?)
8. Drank 2 Ketel One martinis
9. Started writing the September issue article of the local magazine. That's right, I'm like a celebrity.

Sorry it isn't the best post I've ever written, but hey, at least it's something...