Friday, October 9, 2009

This week in a nutshell

So, a good friend of mine isn’t speaking to me.

Big Bird is making me want to kill a b****. All week she’s been riding my ass about any little nit-picky thing she can come up with. Then, to top it off her dad had a stroke yesterday and she had to leave to go to the hospital with her mom and so I feel bad for hating her. I even called her cell last night to see if I could bring them some dinner (she said no, but thanked me anyway), and I can’t figure out why I did that. I really am not that nice of a person.

Whatever, she’s back at work today, and my friend still isn’t speaking to me, and I’m on call this weekend, so… Here goes it I guess.


Ivan Toblog said...

Sorry about your friend.
Don't sell yourself short.
Tomorrow's another day.

The verification word is prixess... hmmm

Lunarchick said...

Hope the weekend went off without incident. Life can be such a bi..well you know the rest.

My friend is speaking to me either. So in a misery loves company kind of way maybe that might make you feel a tad better.

Miss Anne said...

I hate friend bs. I hate the games. And I hate the uneasiness of feeling like there's conflict "out there" lingering.

You are a kind person for offering to bring dinner. Take ♥ in knowing you are/were the bigger person.

Chin up, sending you a {hug} *in the most non-creepy way* :)

Doll Face said...

thanks, guys!!!