Monday, October 7, 2013

Short little post

I'm a bit bored today. I don't have any services, so I'm just doing paperwork and it's starting to make me tired. Also, the sun isn't shining today, it's overcast and somewhat gloomy, which makes me feel kinda down.

I got a new tattoo last Sunday and it finally doesn't itch much anymore. It's on the inside of my left arm, and I really like it. I have to go back to get it shaded and it's everything I can do to not want to have him do the shading and start on a new one at the same time. Grrr, they are so addicting.

Clementine is in first grade now. Can you believe? She's a total sass-mouth, but is also fairly sweet. Interestingly, she is into death more than other kids her age, an just the other day she pulled one of her Barbies out of its casket and said, "Look mom, isn't she so well embalmed?" Quite funny.  Her dad and I get along well, he lives close to me, and Clem seems to like that we are still a close family.

Okay, that's all I got right now.


Cam said...

So much looking forward to my next tattoo. They really are addicting. So many plans, so little money.