Monday, May 3, 2010

In which I was having a great day until...

Fuk. I'm not going to rant, I'm not going to rant, I'm not going to rant...

I am making arrangements for the interment of a veteran in one of the national cemeteries.  His remains were cremated and the next-of-kin gave me the DD214 (discharge form) so that I could arrange for the free burial that he is entitled to (did you know that all honorably-discharges veterans are entitled to a free grave and marker?), and I faxed it in to the National Cemetery scheduling office this morning.  I waited a while and called them to make sure they would have had time to receive the fax, and talked to a sweet lady that took the deceased's info and scheduled the graveside service with me in about 5 minutes. She took the date that I requested for the service and asked what time:
Service Lady: What time on that date would you like the service?
Me: is 11 available?
SL: Lemme check *clicky sounds on the computer* Um, the closest I have is 12:30.
Me: *notice that Big Bird is standing over my shoulder holding her desk calendar, and turn to look at her*
Big Bird: *whispering* 11 o'clock today? I have an opening for 11:30, not 11!!! *panicking now, but still whispering*
Me: *to the SL on the phone* Please excuse me, I'm being interrupted. *exasperated, to BB* I am on the phone, and this has nothing to do with an appointment here, nor is it for today.
*BB feels like an idiot and walks back into her office to eavesdrop on the rest of the fucking day, and I feel like shit for having been an ass hole*
*to the SL* Sorry about that, did you say 12:30? That's just fine.

WTF? Why is she so effing anal about the fracking calendar? Why does she think that I am incapable of checking a fucking calendar to see when we have appointments available? Am I really that incompetent? Am I new here? Why am I so angry?

And this is what really sucks: I was in *such* a good mood today! Here are my reasons why (maybe they will help calm me down):
1. I slept well. J and I went to the spa last night before bed, and although it was WAY too hot, I feel quite refreshed.
2. We didn't get too busy at work this weekend, so today has been less hectic than the past few Mondays.
3. I'm not sure why, but my boobs look GREAT today.  Maybe they got perkier overnight, or maybe my vision is failing in my old age, either way, they're adorable.

But, alas, I am sitting here, relaxed and perky, and in a foul effing mood. Somebody, please, cheer me up!

Part of my good day list is two blogs I've been liking, that I am sharing with you:
Is this thing on?
Late Enough


Alex @LateEnough said...

Hey that's me!! (Late Enough not Big Bird)

Your karma has been restored because I have had a sensitive and tearful f-the-world-and-its-mother day.

PS. we all have our things -- mine is that i hate being called a liar. yours is you hate big calendars. or big bird. or being seen as incompetent. (maybe all three)

Seriously. Thank you.

IT said...

It is a given that we cannot control other people, places, or things... only our own attitude and actions. It is also a given that when nothing else works, we can make life really miserable for others, particularly those in our employ.
Sounds to me like BB is having a bad day or doesn't understand what control really is.
If you want real revenge on her, just pray that she gets everything she ever wanted.

Amanda said...

Ugh. I'm sorry your day went south. My Monday was not bad but this afternoon two of my colleagues started texting me about the horrible turns that their good days took. I probably don't have to tell you that I just got home from consoling them over happy hour. If only you could have joined!

Also... I wore heels to happy hour! And the bookstore afterwards! And I thought of you as I did it.

Finally, I'm so glad my blog made you happy. :) I'm now going to check out Late Enough.

Now ends my epic comment.

Doll Face said...

Alex- I'm gonna start having f-the-world days once a week. *and* I'm gonna write them on Big Bird's calendar.

IT- it's funny that you mention control, as any time BB has one of her moments like this one the staff all start saying "CONTROL" to each other.

Amanda- Awesome=heels at happy hour! And the bookstore? You might just end up taking over the world...