Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day week

I have a good friend that I met at the church I no longer attend whom I love to bits. She’s a great gal, always smiles and laughter, and we get along well. We haven’t even been those types of hang-out-all-the-time friends, but I consider her one of my best girls. I can tell her anything, which right about now is something I treasure.

My mom invited me over for dinner on Sunday, and she also invited this friend of mine (my mom adores her) and it was great to see her. We chatted a bit and laughed a ton, and she asked how everything is going with J, and it was great.

Monday, while I was getting lunch, she came by the office and gave a bag to Monica with specific instructions to only give me what’s inside when instructed to do so (she knows me well enough to know that I’ll just open all of whatever is in there at once), and after Monica explained that to me she pulled out a package that read “Day 1” on the card. I read the card, and it explained that this is mother’s day week, and that I get a gift each day. The card also had a Bible verse on it and said she loves me and thinks I’m a great mom.

So far:
Day 1: atomic fireballs
Day 2: Mad Libs (with instructions to share with Monica)
Day 3: Reese’s Pieces
Day 4: Lemon Drops (my favorite)

Anyway, isn’t that awesome?!?!?


homeslice said...

what an awesome friend. great idea too - i'm stealing it!

Miss Anne said...

she sounds like a peanut.
i'd hold tight on to that one.

Ketel Bear said...

Is it weird that I get jealous reading about your other friends? Let's meet up soon, K???

IT said...

Ooh... lemon drops!
About the onliest thing I like betterer is spearmint leaves, which, btw, are really hard to find.

Oh! And a happy Mothers Day to you and to your mom.

Amanda said...

Yes, that is awesome. Unexpected encouragement is always so good.

(I think this means you should really consider sending that letter. I didn't mean to bring this up but leaving this comment reminded me of the comment I left last night. Hahaha... I hope I don't sound pushy. : / Just thinkin' out loud.)

Doll Face said...

I know, I really do have awesome friends.

And Ketel Bear, no need for the jealousy, I love you the best! Maybe next week sometime we can do the drinks and the girl talk...

IT- Mom said thanks (so do I)!! Tell the ladies on your end I say happy mother's day, too!!

Amanda- I sent the letter.

Amanda said...

You're my hero. : )

Doll Face said...

Amanda- LoL, is that all it takes??

Amanda said...

haha... some days! You were brave and vulnerable and I try to be those things... with mixed results. So... I guess!