Friday, August 7, 2009

I am so tired

The hubby had a gig last night. Two other djs came to town and they played from 9pm to 1am at a local bar. It was fun, I was in charge of taking the money at the door for the first hour or so, then some friends took over so I could shake it on the dance floor. This hot chick came up to me and danced a bit, and after a few minutes she started getting a bit handsy, I was wearing a killer blue dress (imagine Marylin's white dress in navy) and all of a sudden there are hands creeping their way up it. WTF, right? So I turned arround (the chick was dancing on my backside) and asked her what she was doing. Here's the convo:

Hot chick: Oh don't worry, I'm not a lesbian.
Me: What?
HC: I mean, you look hot, but I don't want to date you.
Me: Um, I wans't worried that you were a lesbian, I just dont want my ass hanging out all over the bar, so don't pull up my dress. And I'm married anyway.
HC: Oh, you are? Where is he? He just lets you go to clubs in sexy dresses?
Me (a bit stunned that this hot chick thinks my dress is sexy): Um, he's right over there watching you feel up his wife.
HC: Oh. *waves at my hubby* Will he let you give me your phone number.
Me: Why don't you go ask him?

What just happened there? I'm still confused. Was she hitting on me? I cannot figure it out.

Different topic:
Pete, an olf funeral director here called me up to his office this morning. He told me that his home page was changed and wanted to know why and if I could "fix it back to CNN." So I did that for him and also made a MapQuest bookmark at his request, and I swear to Buddha he thinks I am a computer guru. It's funny, the things that we can do that other generations can't.


Ivan Toblog said...

Is "olf" some kind of shorthand for old f@rt [or that other word that I hardly ever use]?

Oh, and it's not a generational thing. It about the willingness to take a little risk. . . like your new lady friend ;-)

mattonfire said...

That's it. We officially need to hang out. Especially if you let hot non-lesbians feel you up in a bar while your husband watches. Maybe I can convince my wife to be that hot non-lesbian and your husband and I can both watch. Or we can just hang out like normal people. Whatever.

Ervin Mesthva said...

Is it my imagination or is it getting kinda kinky around here?

Doll Face said...

IT- lady friend??? ROTFLMAO

Matt- it's on like Donky Kong

EM- My thoughts exactly