Friday, August 21, 2009

Photo fun

I've started a project with my sister, my dad and my co-worker, Monica. I had this idea to go around my town taking up-close photos of well-known landmarks/buildings/whatever and post them to a site. then on a certain day at a certain time we will allow the public to view the photos and guess what it is of. When it is correctly guessed the post will change with links to sites about that particular place, as well as a larger photo showing where the close-up came from. Our goal is to have 50 places by October. Monica and I have been taking the camera with us on our lunch breaks, and I sent a funeral director with my camera to a funeral at one of the local old churches just now. The local indie mag is in on it too, they'll publish the details of the search game. Doesn't that sound like fun??


Lunarchick said...

It does indeed sound like fun!

I love a good project. Gets you all warm and tingly inside and your energy level goes up a few dozen notches. Creativity just feels darn good.

Have fun with it!

BJ said...

YAY!!!! The magazine is going to publish info about the game??? Thats so awesome...hopefully people will go to the website. Anytime you want me to come along to take pictures let me know!!!