Tuesday, August 4, 2009

In which I wonder what is going on

Okay, so I love a beer/martini/glass of wine as much as the next guy, but sometimes I wonder what the eff is up with drinking. This week we got a BUNCH of cases, and three of them died of alcoholic liver failure. WTF? Want to know their ages? 37, 44, 56. That's right folks, thirty frikkin seven. Who made the arrangements for his services? His 18 year old son.

So, it makes me wonder... What is it that makes them drink themselves into an edemous ball of death? I mean, I doubt that they were drinking top shelf/microbrew/insanely yummy drinks, they were drowning them selves in store brand/bud light/fetzer crap, and as an AA friend of a friend of mine says, "holding my nose as it goes down til I can feel the buzz." That's total shit. I mean, a buzz? Really? Over life? You have got to be kidding me.

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, my youngest sister knows about this blog, so a big hi there and hello to BJ (yeah Ivan, that one)!!! ILUSB (that means 'I love you so bad' and is what she and I text each other and a few of our friends), and hopefully she can keep it a secret.


Ivan Toblog said...

What took her so long?

We could have a discussion about that drinking stuff. Let's just say that it is one hell of a way to kill oneself and no less painful for the survivors.

Ivan Toblog said...

Oh and there are a lot worse things than Fetzer.

Doll Face said...

IV - I'm sure there are way worse things than Fetzer, I just don't want to find them. I'll stick with that being my low.

Ivan Toblog said...

So I was scanning the pages of the little throwaway yellow pages that shows up in our driveway about every six months. Purely by accident the page it opened to was headed "cremation - cruises." That would be a really interesting combination. . . no?