Monday, August 3, 2009

In which I am a fix-it gal

We had some work to get done at the house we own in our former town. The new tenants were expecting us, and we had purchased a new ceiling fan, two wall sconces and a new garage door opener to install. My hubby went down on Friday after work because a good friend of his has an internet radio show every Friday night and wanted him as a guest DJ. Apparently he rocked the house (all the way down).

My dad, daughter and I drove down Saturday morning with a trunk full of tools and met the hubby at the rental. My dad and he worked on replacing the ceiling fan while I rewired the light sconces, and I finished early so started putting the garage door opener together. After the boys finished the fan they came out to the garage and I bossed them around, having them do the lifting and the attaching of the opener to the ceiling while I worked on the wiring of the button opener thing and the wiring of the sensors that make sure you don’t close the door on a cat or baby or something. It took all day, but we had a break for lunch and I got sandwiches from my local favorite sandwich shop, along with a pasta salad that puts all other pasta salads to shame. It was a very productive day, and my hubby told me how grateful he is that he married one of those “handy chicks” as he put it. I love the guy, but he is not made for fix-it stuff.

My dad left and the in-laws came by to pick up Clem so that we could meet some friends for pizza and beer at one of the best pizza spots ever. After the pizza comes out of the oven they brush the crust with melted butter/garlic/spices that kicks ass. And they have Amber Bock on tap, which has to be one of the best beers ever (my mom says it reminds her of this one that isn’t (apparently) made any more that she lovedlovedloved back in her pizza-making days, Michelob Dark, and says Amber Bock is one of the few that have come close to how good MD was back in the day), even if it’s cheap. So, dinner was great, and seeing our friends was nice.

Sunday we went back to the rental to do some touch-ups, spackle, paint, etc, and headed home in the afternoon. It was a pretty good weekend, and now I’m at work up to my eyeballs in cases to embalm.


mattonfire said...

Sconces. I mean, who comes up with these words for things? Sconces. Sounds like an Italian dessert. "Let me get a loaf of bread. Sliced. Oh, and dozen sconces for the kids. They love those things."

Ivan Toblog said...

Sconces are not a dessert. They're like biscuits and you have them with tea.

Doll Face said...

You two are morons, lol.

Ivan Toblog said...

nuh-uh! I'm Catholic

thecheckoutgirl said...

you own a house. like a grownup. I have to look at you differently, knowing you pay a mortgage.