Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm sorry!!!

Okay, now that I've apologized for the complete negligence of this blog I will update you:

We've been busy.  I've started to write about the decapitation case and haven't had enough time to really get it all down, and it's interesting enough of a topic for me to really want to explain thoroughly.  I promise though, it will get here eventually.

Christmas got in the way.  I spent the holiday with my family, eating way too much (don't worry though, I'm still hot) and not drinking so heavily that my mother had to explain the happenings of the days to me.  It was great.  I got some good loot, as did Clem, and thankfully she didn't complain that mommy and daddy didn't get her anything (we gave her a choice: either we buy gifts for her, or we use that money to buy gifts for two kids that don't have a lot of money this Christmas, and she really wanted to pick out gifts for the other kids, so we didn't get her anything), and Christmas eve and day were very relaxing.  I was on call the next few days, and there were families I came in to the office to meet with, but nothing too dificult or crazy, so even that wasn't bad.  Also, I got a super-cute yellow skirt suit from my mom that is killer, and I can't wait to get it back from the cleaners.

The Mr. and I left for Vegas on the 30th, we stayed for New Year's, and it was great.  We go at least once a year, especially now that we are parents, and a group of our friends from all over the states went as well.  Our plane arrived that afternoon, and the rest of our crew (8 in all) were there by 6pm, so we immediately went for a nice dinner, and continued drinking and gambling until the 2nd when we flew home.  We stay downtown, this time at the Golden Nugget, and the hubby got us a suite as a nice surprise.  The hotel has been redone and looks a lot like one of the hotels on the Strip, but is still a downtown place, and has some good poker tournaments as well. We won a ton, and luckily we left before we had a chance to loose it all.  It really was great.  You should have seen the bed in our room, btw, it was like sleeping on a cloud.

So, that's what I was doing... I've missed you guys!


Ivan Toblog said...

Before I comment...
The verification word is:

Now where was I? Oh yeah... You don't have to rush the decap recap on our account.

And why did you have to send the yellow number to the dry cleaners already... hmmm?

Your mom sounds really cool. I bet I would like her a lot.

MattOnFire said...

I don't know many children who would choose to give up a gift to be able to provide one to those in need. That's a good kid, and you're a good mom for raising her to think that way.

Miss Anne said...

so good to see you back!

can't wait to hear about the decap!

woot @ loot & vegas!