Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So, I've been thinking about stuff about myself that I would like to change and I have a little list:

1. Stop smoking.  Yeah, I look cool, but it's gross.
2. Stop drinking as much.  I don't think I really am out of control about it, but if I really want to quit smoking I should stop going to bars as much, where I have to smoke.
3. Get a tattoo.  I have a few already, but I would like another one, maybe some leaves and some words.
4. Read more.  I am a pretty avid reader, but my sister, B, is like a crazy reader girl, and even checks books out from the library.  I want to do that too.
5. Buy Dexter on DVD. All the seasons I can get my hands on.
6. Be more honest. I'm thinking this one will be the hardest, but it's worth a shot.
7. Embalm more (Jane is gonna love this one). I want to make more time for working with the bodies.  I thin part of my emotional stress level has to do with meeting a whole bunch of grieving families.  I need to calm down and work on the technical aspect of this job, instead of the emotional side of it.

So, those are it so far.

Also, here's my current love:


B said...

I think those are great ideas. I will help you with stopping to smoke and drink. And of course the reading too!!! I hope you stick to the plan!! Luv Ya!!

Miss Anne said...

Hey loves,
I am proud of you.
I am proud of this list.
Now go for it!


Ketel Bear said...

Well, I'm a little disappointed about the drinking less thing but I suppose that's just me being selfish. 144-143.

Doll Face said...



not that I don't love you, B and Miss Anne, I totally do!!

Ketel Bear said...

Of course I'm here - I always have been!! And I love you too!

Ivan Toblog said...

I know a little bit about a few of the things on your list having been there, done that.
Nos. 1 & 2 were easy once I wanted them bad enough... and guess what! Neither is necessary in order to have fun.
No. 3 is optional
No. 4 I don't think I could read more than I do now... voracious wouldn't be an understatement.
No.5 Enjoyed Dexter, but not enough to own.
No. 6 Working on it. The best part about it is that if we're truthful, we don't have to remember the story we told.
No. 7 You can do me sometime down the road that doesn't sound right. ;-)

Doll Face said...

Lol, IT. Cute (as always)!