Monday, February 1, 2010

Manic Monday

Busiest. Day. Ever!!!

So, I was on call this weekend, and didn't end up having to go in the office once, which was nice because I had a long, emotionally draining time with the hubby.  I got six new cases, most of which were on Sunday, and the families all acted like they wanted to come in on Monday to make arrangements, and two of the cases were coroner's cases that wouldn't be released until Monday anyway, so we couldn't embalm them until then.

Anyway, I feel like I have been making arrangements ALL DAY, which I have.  My first appointment was at eleven, making arrangements for a 12 day old infant that apparently died of SIDS, but the ruling most likely won't be for months.  SIDS cases are hard to determine right away, it seems to be one of those cause of deaths that is kinda a catchall.  So, the mom and dad weren't really good buddies, and both of their parents came in to help, as well as friends of the family and the pastor.  They prayed throughout the whole thing, which I'm totally for, but I felt very awkward the whole time.  They picked a nice little casket, and the service is going to be at a church, which I'm glad for, as I don't know that our chapel would be big enough.  I gave them all my cell number so that they could reach me if they had questions (I figure two eighteen year olds might have a few questions) and sent them on their way.

The second family I met with was nice, they had a pre-arrangement on their dad who died, and the arrangement went smoothly.  The arrangements were being made by three of the sons, whom, within five minutes of the arrangement had been charmed by my loveliness and humor.  They hadn't been one of the calls that came in over the weekend, and they just walked in without an appointment (NOT the day to do that, but whatever), but luckily I had the time to meet with them since my manager ended up taking my other appointment, who had been running late.

Then I had a three o'clock, and they were strange.  They wanted a cremation for their dad, and asked every question in the book about every little thing.  It was two sons and a daughter of the deceased, and one of the sons was doing that look-at-me-a-little-too-long thing that was a bit creepy, but at the same time made me feel like I was overreacting and he was just weird, but not creepy.  But let me reiterate: they asked EVERY QUESTION IN THE BOOK!!! I even said to them that my mort sci teachers would be very proud of me if they were there listening.  they laughed, and I'm sure they have no idea that no one asks all those questions.

Anyway, there was only one case for me to get ready today, and he looked great, but when all was said and done we had six that needed to be embalmed today, none of which I embalmed, and I am sure to get an earful from Jane tomorrow about that.

ANd now I'm sitting on my sister's bed, having a vodka cranberry (all about the health), checking her farmville (is it possible to be addicted and NOT have my own facebook?), and posting, but grateful because my daughter is sleeping in the next room and not across town, and starting to get a little tired.


IT said...

Yeah, you should stay busy
No, you don't want to overdo it
...and, if possible, don't rush any decisions [emphasis on any] whenever possible.

verification word = reintehe

Miss Anne said...

I'm so glad that we've had the chance to talk more lately, and your blog keeps me update on the "goods" ;)

Lady Gaga has never sounded so good my friend :)

I'm proud of you for staying strong, keeping your head on, and doing what's best for you and your daughter.


BJ said...

hey the cranberry juice was diet so it kinda was healthy. And even though the circumstances suck I am glad you get to stay with me :-) Luv Ya!! You're my favorite sister!!

BJ said...

Also, I love the title of this post ;-)