Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In which I dispense advice to a pro (and don't charge)

So, I personally (or the funeral home I work for) haven't had any good cases to blog about, but I did get a call from Jane asking for help (over the phone) on a case with stab wounds to the neck and face.  She, being a long-time embalmer, has worked on her share of reconstructions, and has always used waxes to cover things up and patch things over, but she wanted to try using a product that I use a lot (and that I've blogged about before) on accident cases called Easy Way (by Dodge, if you want to get some for your prep room), and she didnt know how to use it properly, so who did she call??? Yep, me.  I felt like such a smarty-pants! So, I explained to her how to mix the liquid and powder, and told her to watch the consistancy until it was kinda close to the waxes she is used to working with, and told her what to do once it was ready to use.  Anyway, she ended up calling me five more times once more to get advice, and I swear, it was the best ever.  My ego, HUGE that day.

I am thinking about updating about my personal life, as I recieved more visits when discussing my affair, but then I felt like I was whoring out my blog that is supposed to be for work, LoL. Maybe in a day or two...


Jenn said...

Hoping you can find a happy balance between blogging about work and your personal life, because we are interested in both!

Miss Anne said...

You're such a wizard.

I'm proud of you on many levels.

I got your back, :)


IT said...

I always [boy, there's a word I seldom use] admire folks who put professional courtesy above competition and advancement.
That said... this is your blog and you may do whatever you wish with it. So far you have done a fine job of leaving us wanting more.

RIC-Girl said...

You could always start another blog for your personal life...more for me to read..yay!!

I have a question for you that I actually thought of when I read your motorcycle post. Why is it necessary for you to be present at the funerals, etc? Is it from an 'event planning' standpoint (for lack of a better term) to make sure that things go as planned, etc? I was unsure if there was another reason having to do with the deceased person.