Monday, February 8, 2010

Motorcycle escorts

I'm on a service right now, working with one of the part-time guys that i really like, actually, I try to schedule him on my services whenever possible, and we are on our way to the cemetery. He is driving me in the hearse, and the family is following behind, and the motorcycle escorts are leading us through downtown (I work in my city's downtown, and am IN LOVE with it) on our way out to the cemetery on the other side of town. We dont live in one of those towns that requires escorts, but we use them for most services, and it is quite helpful to have them around. see, they always open the church doors for us when we have the casket, and open the hearse when we are ready to load up, and they are great at helping haul the flowers to the car when we're getting everything set to go to the cemetery, not to mention the whole stopping traffic thing. And they are nice guys. The escort company (I almost said service, LOL) we use has probably 10 or so guys that ride for them on a regular basis, and some part-time guys that work when there are too many services for them to handle. anyway, just wanted to let you in on my love for the motorcycle guys.


Miss Anne said...

they sound very helpful :)


IT said...

Motorcycle escorts are so cool. Around here the Patriot Guard will round up about 40 escorts at the drop of a ...maybe I should find another metaphor?
Anyhow, there's nothin' quite like the roar of 40 Harleys at a funeral.

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