Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Anniversary dinner and Vegas

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary. Our daughter is on a camping trip with my parents until Wednesday, so we had planned on going to my favorite bowling alley to bowl, drink beer and eat fried foods, but decided to go to a restaurant near our place that we hadn’t been to before and go bowling afterward. The food was really great, and you can see a photo here of the appetizer:

Goat cheese, roasted garlic spread, toasted bread, balsamic vinegar reduction, oven roasted tomatoes, basil and kalamata olives. Yum. Turns out we were so full after dinner that we didn’t think bowling would be do-able, so we just played pool and drank beer (well, I drank beer, he had water).

Also, we booked our New Year’s trip to Vegas, and get this: we’re flying!!! It’s not that I don’t like the drive to Vegas, but the drive back from Vegas always kills me. Who wants to drive after the amount of partying that goes on? Not me, that’s for sure. So, we got plane tickets, which are very cheap right now, and are staying at who knows which hotel (I let the hubby choose, but I like downtown better than the Strip, as does he since the poker tournaments are usually at Binion’s anyway), and our friends from here and from Colorado have also booked their trips as well. We haven’t been to Vegas in about 8 months, so it’s been way longer than we usually wait between trips, and while I’m bummed that we aren’t going this summer (there’s nothing like laying out and having a cocktail at 10am, not to mention that most of the pools at the Strip hotels are European now), but it will be a nice break from the Christmas gloomy weather here. So, that’s exciting.

Alrighty, I’m off to dress a 550-pound dead person.


thecheckoutgirl said...

I am a California girl and I miss just running to Vegas on a whim. Forget Atlantic City, the East Coast officially does NOT have a Vegas.

Can't wait to hear about the trip!

David C. Garcia said...

I've never been to Vegas. Did horrible thinks in Atlantic City, though...

How are you going to dress the 550 lb. person up? Ooo! Oooo! Like a blueberry!

Doll Face said...

TCG- no wonder I like you so much!! A Cali girl!!! Yay!

DCG- Hasn't everyone done horrible things in AC? I mean, it is in New Jersey...

Ivan Toblog said...

Q: What does a 550 lb. DP wear?

A: Anything he wants.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.