Friday, June 12, 2009

In which I was VERY drunk

K, I’m a bit hung over, so read this post slowly to get the full effect.

Also, just fyi: I type all of my posts in Microsoft Word in a file titled “Work Notes” because we aren’t to use company computers for personal internets, and luckily my manager is old-ish enough that he has to be at a certain angle to my computer to get a look at what I’m doing, so it looks like I’m doing something work-related.

Last night the hubby, kid and I went to a friend’s house for dinner. We ordered pizza and all ate outside by the pool, my daughter and our friends' kids ate on the grass and we were having a blast. Now, these friends are awesome drinkers, and are never at a shortage of things to drink. They keep the fridge stocked with beer (for me, and not just crap beer but good stuff), pepsi (for my hubby) and milk (for my daughter and theirs); the liquor cabinet is full of good vodka (for my sister who just about lives there and for the dad of the family that lives there (who, btw, makes a super kick-ass vodka martini, extra wet and extra dirty, please)); and the wine fridge is always stocked with cabernets (for all of us) and pinot grigio (for me, again), and let me just say, we got into all of it last night. A friend of the family was there in town from New York (I think I know which one that is…) whom I had never met but heard a lot about over the years. She is 25 and super adorable, and for the first time in my life, I met someone that gave me a run for my money in the crass/inappropriate/hilarious/life-of-the-party department. WE WERE UNSTOPPABLE!!!!!

After dinner (and after the ladies there (me, the mom of the house, gal from NY, my baby sister, and neighbor gal) were all hammered) we decided to play a game. Now, if you’ve ever played the game, “Apples to Apples” (which really isn’t that fun) you will understand this game, as it’s just a dirty version of that game that the dad of the house we were at made. In this game we are all given three playing cards with words, nouns to be exact, written on them. There is another deck of cards that have an adjective on each card. The person whose turn it is takes a card from the top of the adjective deck and places it face up on the table. Then the rest of us look through the three we have in our hands and pick the one that we think goes with the adjective card the best and place it face down on the table. The person taking their turn then reads them all out loud and picks their favorite, and the person whose card that was wins the round. Okay, so as I type that it doesn’t sound that funny but this deck of cards is dirty. Like, don’t-let-the-kids-come-out-to-the-backyard-while-we-play-this-game dirty (although how they would know that ‘tea bag’ isn’t just a tea bag I cannot fathom). Anyhoo, we’ve played this game before, but never with me and NY girl, and swear it was insane. And somehow I got a text this morning from her saying how much fun she had and what am I doing tonight, lol, and it was signed “Bouf Kurtina” which was the name we made up for her at some drunken point in the evening.

Side Note: the out of town funeral home I am helping just had the deceased brought here yesterday instead of me having to go there, since the coroner is in my city and it would be easier on me. So, I'm off to the back for a while!!


thecheckoutgirl said...

this party sounds right up my alley, as do your friends. color me jealous!

also, what is the name that was made up for you?

Doll Face said...

Lol, she kept calling me "Bunsen" (as in Bunsen Burner) for two reasons:
1. She didn't know what the dirty meaning of the term "hot plate" was (which came up after the game when we were picking new terms for the next time we played) and in my explanation I also said that I liked Bunsen Burners better in school because of the more even heat distribution, and let me tell you, she was shocked that hot plate could be something dirty.

2. She loves that I am a chemistry nerd.