Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend update

So, I have had a very relaxing weekend (mostly). The hubby was on call for his job and had to go into work Saturday morning, and didn't get home until the afternoon, and I was watching my sister's one year old daughter, as well as having my two and a half year old. Now, I am not what (any)one would call a 'kid person,' but I do okay with a few at a time (okay, one at a time, two max), and my sister watches my daughter four of the five days out of the work-week, and I'm way more awesome than she is (although I don't look as much like Barbie as she), so I figured I could handle it (which I totally did, I mean, I was a nanny all through college). Now, I like to go on bike rides and have one of those kiddie-tow-trailer deals for the back of my lavender beach cruiser, and was thinking about taking the kiddos when I realized that I don't have a helmet for my sister's daughter (and living in the land of 'tons-of-laws' I know it is indeed possible to get pulled over while biking), so I settle on taking them for a walk in the bike-tow thing, which luckily converts into a two-kid-capacity stroller. Not five minutes into the stroll however, do I realize that 85 degree weather should, under no circumstances, be wasted on a walk, but it should be enjoyed sitting on a patio drinking a hefeweizen while just barely beginning to sweat (man, I love summer). So, quickly I call my bestest drinking gals to meet me at the closest TGI Frapplebee's and all of a sudden it's 90210 (okay, not even close) on a patio of a family restaurant with two young kids and my friend's fourteen year old daughter (the one that gives me most of the reading recommendations that I follow) who, luckily, are all glad to be there having milkshakes instead of some healthy applesauce and pb&j at home. Anyway, I not only had my wonderful beers, but it really was a nice walk to and from the restaurant.

That evening I get a call from my sister-in-law who lives in LA and she and her hubby are in town for a few days. Since they live quite far from us I was surprised that they hadn't called to let us know they were coming, but they were staying with his brother who lives here, so it's not like they were needing a place to stay, and they knew we'd be around since it was my hubby's weekend on call, and they're kinda last minute people, so really, it's just kinda them to call out of the blue. So, she says her husband has a day of golfing planned for today and wanted to come by for lunch and stay the afternoon with us, playing with her favorite niece. She got here today at about noon and we had a great lunch and then while my hubby (her brother) and daughter napped she and I talked about good shows that we'd seen and hulu-ed them. Her husband works in the business (the entertainment business, that is) and has been working on a show called 'Army Wives' for a few seasons now (I guess they just signed for their fourth...I think) and he brought the first 6 episodes of the current season with him, which I guess haven't aired yet. He's off for a while (it's always nice when the season starts airing because the crew all gets a break until they start filming the next season, which with this show I think is done in one of the Carolinas), which is how they got a weekend and two extra days to come visit, and says maybe we'll watch those episodes while they're here (although every time i watch a show he's working on it totally bombs, so I doubt I will). Okay, so while she and I are watching the snl skits she missed but shouldn't have, she asks me if I watched the episode of 'glee' that aired. I told her that i tivoed it but that I wasn't allowed to watch it if my husband was home because he thought it looked awful, and she said perfect let's watch it now, and that it was awesome I was going to love it, which I did. It really was amazing. Like, I cannot wait to see the next episode (why doesn't my brother-in-law work for that show...).

So, there's my weekend. No work, all play.


Anonymous said...

Glee was awesome - and I'm one of those guys who thought it looked absolutely awful. It was smart and well written and the perfect amount of wry witty humor that keeps me interested.
But anyway, about your brother in law? So... I'm out of work and I need a job. I'll totally move to LA to work on unsuccessful reality shows (if the paycheck is halfway decent). Hook a brotha up, will you?

Doll Face said...

I'm not sure, but I don't think Army Wives is a reality show, but I'll see what I can do, lol.

thecheckoutgirl said...

Army Wives is a Lifetime show, which I've never seen. However, Catherine Bell is the star and, well, meow!

Not without me, Matt. Not without me.