Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Biting off more than I can chew

Okay, so I am a member of Amnesty International. I am not a crazy person, however, (in my mind AI people are a bunch of weirdoes) and really like writing letters in attempt to change the way in which people are treated all over this globe. I used to live in an area with a local Amnesty chapter, and it was nice to have meetings with other people (even if they are a bit nuts) that have the same interest I do. The city I live in now, however, does not have a chapter, and it sucks. I was talking on the phone last week with one of the AI guys in San Francisco, chatting about Iran and stuff and the recent letters I had written, and he mentioned to me that it would be very possible to start up an AI chapter in my little town. I sorta laugh and don’t think much of it, but he emailed me the chapter start-up info anyway, and the more I think about it the more I want to do it, and I figure that even though I doubt I’d be a good leader, I could start it up and maybe find someone good to take over leading and go back to just showing up and writing letters. But that leads me to my problem: where do I get people to join? I was thinking about going to the university campuses (there are two) and the community college, because don’t college kids like doing that kind of stuff? Or maybe I could get the local indie magazine to write an article… Any ideas??


Ivan Toblog said...

Consider this -
There are probably a number of locals who would join a local chapter of AI. . . if someone else were to organize and lead it. Do you really want to associate with sheep?