Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was having a short conversation with Buffy and Buck this morning about the phone chat I had yesterday with Restaurant Slacker, as Buffy has Tuesdays off and didn’t get to hear all of what happened. So, after Buck and I finished informing him, Buffy began telling us about this dream he had about a girl he had dated back before he was married whom I had never heard about, so I started asking questions. Now, Buffy and Buck are quite the pair, with 30 years age difference and quite different tastes in EVERYTHING, but they somehow always seem to have these fabulous conversations that I swear I wish I could record and post. So, Buffy was reluctant to tell me anything about this girl, which prompted Buck to chime in about how Buf had run off to San Francisco with her and she ended up cheating on him WITH HIS ROOMMATE. Okay, so in normal everyday-ness I wouldn’t think that warrants all caps, I mean, people do shit like that all the time, but Buffy is like a super-nice guy and even the look on him as Buck told me about it made me want to bite this chick in the face. I guess they were a thing for like 5 years or something (which seems like forever).

Here’s something funny that Buck (keep in mind the man is 62) said in describing San Francisco roommate stealer: She was one of those Goss (rhymes with floss) people.
Me: You mean Goth?
Buck: Oh, yeah *chuckles* Goth.
Buffy: No, she wasn’t Goth, Buck (irritated at his misadventures in love being the topic of discussion)
Buck: She was Enron then (speaking slowly, realizing that can’t be the right word)…
Me: Emo, Buck. You mean Emo, right?
Buck: *Laughing* Oh, yeah, EMO!!!
Buffy: Fu*k (reaching in his pocket to get a quarter for the swear jar), Buck, she was a hipster. God.
Buck: What’s a hipster?
Me: Look it up, Buck. Here, let me give you a website.