Friday, June 19, 2009

Take a seat and get ready for the next episode

Okay, so if somebody told me to pick a radio station as we were driving in a car or at a party or something I would find a rap station. I have tons of love for all things hip-hop, and even a bit of love for the RnB. I actually tend to be pretty easy-going about music, with the only genre I cannot stand being alternative (or whatever it’s called when they sound constipated in the mic and tell me about their feelings or some shit). Actually, I shouldn’t say all alternative, I do really like quite a bit of alternative music that comes from Mexico, but really it’s a whole different ball game. So, this morning on my way to work I was listening to Big Boy in the Morning and one of my hands-down, all-time favorite songs came on (fyi, I have MAD love for Nate Dogg, who, in my opinion can not do any wrong), which always makes for a kick-ass morning. What song was that, you ask? Next Episode (Dr. Dre feat. Snoop and Nate Dogg)

Also, as if this day couldn’t get any better after that song (swear to god it must be a good luck charm), I got me a car accident victim that, according to the coroner, is not viewable. Well, that sounds like a pretty effing good challenge, dontcha think? So, I’m gonna have at this one today, and probably tomorrow too, and we’ll just see how it works out…


homeslice said...

it's pretty refreshing to see what makes a good day for you :-)

David C. Garcia said...

It seems you and I share a love of the WEST COAST g-funk. Pretty much anything that stemmed from NWA/Compton (aside from The Game) is great.

I do, however, HATE almost all East Coast unless it's late 80s/early 90s east coast.

Oh, and most Dirty South.

And you are right, Nate Dogg is amazing. The man has made an entire career out of singing synthesized hooks.

Keep us up to date on unfixable, or whatever your boss called him.

thecheckoutgirl said...

"day couldn't get any better" = challenging car accident victim.

you are the bee's knees, doll face.

Doll Face said...

TCG- thanks :)