Tuesday, June 30, 2009

OSHA training sucks

I just got finished with two hours of OSHA training. Swear to god, another fifteen minutes of that shit and I would die. It was all done on a power point presentation, and I almost fell asleep. There was a funny slide though during the "Bloodborne Pathogen" section. The slide was on HIV and how not to get infected (there's something really wrong with hearing my co-worker say "semen and vaginal secretions") by a dead body, and the little clip-art next to the instructions read "Get Well Soon" which made me chuckle. Really? Get well soon? On the HIV/AIDS slide? I thought it was funny.

Also, I forgot to mention: a case we had last week was being embalmed by Jane and I was keeping her company in the prep room. She started injecting and after a little while these little bruises appeared on the deceased's breasts. They looked like bite marks. Why weren't they there before we started injecting, you might ask... Well, that means the bruises were made at the same time the person died usually. Interesting? Yes.


homeslice said...

that creeps me out. did she die in full coitus or something?

Anonymous said...

Erm... so it could've been from some sort of medical procedure? Or was she having her boobies nibbled when she died? Interesting indeed.

And I chuckled, too, when I read what you wrote about the Get Well Soon thing. Funny.

Doll Face said...

Matt: yeah, she probably died getting a medical tittie twister.

Pretty sure she died while doing it.

thecheckoutgirl said...

that's exactly how I want to go.

Ivan Toblog said...

I feel a rant coming on about something governmental but feel constrained about posting it because I just might reveal TMI.

Suffice it to say that I believe that sometimes the OSHA interferes with natural selection