Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Monica to the rescue

This is Monica’s third day here and she is really awesome. I got really busy this weekend, and had been very busy Friday, so there was a ton for her to do on Monday and she jumped right in. Yesterday I had a few cases to get dressed, made-up and in their caskets, as well as finishing up loose ends from Monday, so of course I was running around like a headless chicken, on the phone, in the back, on the phone again, family walks in to pay, go to the bathroom, on the phone again, etc. I forgot that I left one of the curling irons on in the body prep area and as soon as I remembered (like and hour or two later) I went back to actually curl hair, and Monica was finishing up on the case I had so long before started and forgotten when a call came in for me and interrupted my progress. So, not only had she done this gal’s hair, but her make-up was done and outfit was straightened out, and she had instructed my back-room boys to get her in the casket. Wtf? How did I get so lucky? I mean, it was like having someone hand over an hour of my time. She had even put the princess tiara that the family had brought in for their mom to wear (don’t ask- I have no idea). Kick ass, right?

So, that left me with time to work on some of the other cases, Mr. Unviewable for one, who, if I can just say, turned out awesome. I put back the patches of hair that were missing (just in case you are wondering where the hair I used came from, I took it from the back of his head, which sounds strange, but it’s much better to mess up his haircut in the back than have his family see that the accident was so bad that he’s missing patches of hair on his head). This is how hair is replaced: I paint stuff called “spirit gum” on the skin and I let it dry a bit so that it gets sticky. Then I take one hair at a time and start from what will be the underneath layer and place it in the tacky spirit gum. I do that over and over again, working my layers upward, and after a while it looks like the surrounding hair. It takes quite a while, but isn’t really hard. And replacing hairs on a head is a ton easier than eyebrows, eyelashes, and especially facial hair. Those are a bitch.


Anonymous said...

I bet you'd be a great person to have around come Halloween. I mean, you could totally help glue hair on my face for my Teen Wolf costume!

thecheckoutgirl said...

TCG chillin' in the afterlife: tiara, no. giant belt buckle, yes.

I want god to know what's up. the only way I can ensure that is reprazentin w/the buckle.

David C. Garcia said...

For some reason when I read the line "I forgot that I left one of the curling irons on...," I (for a microsecond) thought you were about to say "...on one of the bodies."

Doll Face said...

hey, Matt: we always drive a hearse home on Halloween (the Holiest of days) and park it out front. Kids love that shit